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Necronomicon Ex Mortis was formed by Michael Nystrom Bala out of a desire to combine elements of classic death metal, 80s shred worship, and gory lyrics about B-horror movies. After writing far too many songs, Michael contacted guitarist Manuel Barbara, who joined the band because he had "nothing better to do." Shortly after, bassist Yusuf Rashid joined the band so he could escape the jazz world and play music people would listen to outside of an elevator. The three amigos then enlisted fellow Berklee Bros Craig Schmuhl and Joey Ferretti, on vocals and drums respectively. Apparently they didn't have much better to do, either. 

After polishing up the first 4 songs, Michael, Manuel, and Yusuf recorded guitars and bass with Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios in Los Angeles, California. Shortly after the strings were finished, Craig recorded vocals in his studio in Illinois. The debut EP "Necroconicon Ex Mortis" was released on March 31st, 2023. 

Hungry for more music (and flesh), the lads reunited in LA once again to record a follow up EP called "Silver Bullet." Over one long, blood drenched week, Michael, Manuel, and Yusuf pieced the EP together under the hot California sun. From there, it was back to Craig's underground lair (studio) in Illinois for more vocal goodness. On August 10th, the EP "Silver Bullet" was presented to the world by Decibel Magazine, and then fully released the following day on August 11th.

The wicked never seem to rest, as production of the 3rd EP began in January of 2024. This time, the recording duties were handled by the band​'s vocalist, the illustrious Craig Schmuhl. Once tracking was complete, the files were sent to Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios for mixing. "You and Your Friends Are Dead: Game Over" came out on June 29th, 2024. 


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